Persephone – The name of the Plant that humans migrated to after the death of earth. Named after the Greek goddess, Persephone.

Zeta – A large city and capital of Northern Persephone (Blijanu) in the north-east where the Skyhawk’s are located along with, Marshwell INC and Tanaka Era Bank

The Skyhawks – A convince group ran by Thomas Kapoor and Odyssey INC, director, Juliet Francisco. Who specialises in assisting the public of Northern Persephone. They get their income from the public and Blue Hawk, Kenny Marshwell.

Erarian – The native language and people of Persephone. Closely resembles a Earth human however, distinct powers and ‘aggressive’ defensive mechanism make the Erarian classed as a ‘hostile’ race.

Rue – The currency on Persephone.

Alien, Aliens – A slur used mostly by Humans, to insult an Erarian.